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Everyone makes mistakes. Even if you are a smart woman with a lot of experience, you can still commit a few of them and they can be costly too. Here are 5 of the most common love mistakes that a lot of smart women make. Learn them, take precautions and you can avoid committing them yourself.

Love Mistake #1: Too Easy To Pick Up

Many women are so eager to fall into a relationship or see keen to go out with the guy that they become really accessible. The fact is, guys are programmed to hunt down. Most men love the challenge of trying to get their women, particularly when they are difficult to get. And once they have chased down and conquered the right to go out on a date or won her hand, they love to boast about the conquest to their friends. So, if you make yourself easy to get, the guy may lose interest in you simply because there was no chase and he had you too easily. Do not make him run too hard because he may become exhausted and can quit, but do not become extremely accessible as well.

Love Mistake #2: Becoming Too Possessive or Paranoid

Too many women are extremely possessive and many of them try to change their men to their own liking. This is a big mistake and a strict ‘No’. Many guys are a bit on the wild side and they love to do everything in individual unique ways. You cannot really domesticate one after the first night, and some of them cannot be domesticated ever. Remember, you are his date or lover and not his mother – so you cannot or should not try to teach him what is right and what is wrong. If you have started nagging, your man might be tempted to look elsewhere.

Love Mistake #3: He Should Have Been Able To Understand Your Mind

Many women who are really bright and smart end up making this mistake. The fact is, your man may not be so bright, and even if he is, he may not be so good in understanding others or in reading the mind of people. Accept this as a fact. But there are many who do not seem to do this and feel angry and shattered when the person does not have a clue about what she wants. The better approach would be speak your heart out and tell him your likes and dislikes. For example, if he has taken you to a party and you need some fresh air, say so, instead of just brooding that he should have understood that you are not enjoying the place or the people.

Love Mistake #4: Do You Know What You Want

Far too women are not sure about what they want and those who are very bright can be more confused because of their ability to think and feel. So you must give it a deep thought about what you really want and your preferences. Do not fall for charm and confidence, go out with someone who is just right for you.

Love Mistake #5: Do Not Try To Please Too Much

If you think that he is Mr. Right, you might be tempted to bow down at every opportunity and do whatever he wants you to do. Never make this mistake. Even men do not like pleasers, and if this leads to confrontation, so be it. Men like women with brains and those who can hold their opinions.

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